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The more modern the more harmful electricity?

Recently, Samsung users in Vietnam and many other countries have officially updated One UI 5.1 with many new features.
Photos: add tools to help capture and edit photos with faster, easier access and apply recognition tools like AR Zone and AR Emojis.
Connectivity: improving connectivity between products of the same line, creating an ecosystem like being able to continue the task of the phone to the tablet, or book.
Bixby text calls: you'll see what the caller is saying in a text chat, the user can tap or type an answer for Bixby to read to the caller.
Along with the new gadgets are user complaints about significantly reduced battery performance on Samsung's official forums as well as some other tech communities.
Accordingly, many members of technology forums have reported battery drain issues occurring on Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 devices and causing their phones to heat up significantly.
There is still no official information from Samsung regarding the battery drain issue reported by users; however, it seems that One UI 5.1 is the "main culprit" causing this because the devices were still working properly before they were updated.

Image: IU VirtualClub

Contributor: HCMIU - IuVirtualClub

Updated: 18/02/2023

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