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CCTV System

CCTV system project at Quang Trung Software City with AI application to identify violations, record and extract evidence for security work.

Monitor Station

The station monitors the water environment and helps to warn against salinization at Tien Giang, Tay Ninh, and Ho Chi Minh City.


Frequency: 940 MHz / antenna: 100 mm wire antenna.

Memory: stores up to 3100 sensor messages.
Operating Temperature: -40° to 125°C.

Operating distance: 100m / 300m (visible line).

Power: 2 3V AA battery Life: 8-10 years.


Type: LTE, Ethernet, USB (PC)/
Operating distance: 300m.

Memory: Stores up to 50,000 sensor messages.

Supported protocols: DHCP, DNS, NTP, UDP, SNMP, Modbus TCP.

Security: Bank Security Encrypt-RF TM Security (Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange + AES-128 CBC) 


Piping, Water Supply, and Drainage

The water leak detection sensor helps to avoid overloads caused by faulty sewer pipes.

Collision detection sensors on the pump pipes warn as soon as the system has problems and help provide a timely reaction.

The vibration sensor informs about the condition of the motor to avoid possible errors during operation.

The pressure sensor monitors the pressure in the pipeline, 300psi (21 kg/cm2), and provides information when the pressure changes suddenly. 

Industrial Boiler

The temperature sensor sends notifications via SMS, voice message, or email if the boiler temperature is not in the optimal range.

Alternating current meters monitor power usage and open boiler pumps to maintain efficient operation.

Gas detection sensors help prevent unfortunate accidents caused by gas leaks.

The pressure sensor monitors the pressure in the pipeline, 300 psi (21 kg/cm2), and provides information when the pressure changes suddenly.

Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation Systems

The wireless monitoring system reduces the number of manual checks with real-time data from the equipment in the HVAC system.

Identify areas that need maintenance and reduce energy costs when identifying damaged equipment and preventing them from using energy.

The 3-phase current meter monitors the power consumption of each device equipped with the HVAC system and helps reduce power consumption. 

  • Air pressure sensors ensure the amount of air circulating in the building, helping to improve air quality. 


Ensuring the power supply for the system, UPS helps prevent instability of the power system, power failure, over/under voltage, and disturbances on the power line.

Receive instant notifications, and alerts are triggered on malfunctioning devices through voltage sensors mounted on these devices.

Fire Suppression

The sensor detects fire or electrical hazards that could cause a fire. The system automatically alerts the person in charge of the day. It helps shorten the time it takes to react and reduce the damage of a fire.

The alarm panel in each building includes hundreds of monitoring alerts for equipment and facility health. Voltage detection sensors can be attached to warning boards and notify managers at the fastest speed.


Monitor water leaks around water tanks with water leak sensors to prevent backlogs, flooding, and other disasters.

Usually, the amount of water in the tank is difficult to manage and monitor. With ultrasonic sensor helps monitor, prevent overload, and control the water supply into the tank automatically.


Production Line Supervision

Emergency repairs can cause production delays and increase costs for business owners. Signs of equipment failure are difficult to detect in the early stages with Classical Methods.

Energy Management

Classic energy management solutions have low investment costs or few sensor options – forcing managers to monitor and operate the system across multiple channels.

We provide solutions with more than 80 different sensors to monitor and monitor all plant activities through a single channel.

Monitoring Equipment and Machinery

Our industrial sensors are dust and water-resistant to operate in the harshest environments.

Plug & play solution for maintenance & prevention in heavy industry.

Environmental Monitor

For food production, maintaining the right temperature and humidity is crucial for ensuring product quality.

Our sensors monitor environmental fluctuations inside warehouses, freezers, and factories, helping to ensure quality production and distribution.


Water Temperature Management

Our advanced aquaculture monitoring tools provide real-time visibility into all aspects of the farm data to make an informed decision increasing the productivity and output of aquaculture.

Electricity Management

Monitoring the condition of equipment and power supplies inside the farm can be crucial to preventing accidents and increasing productivity.

Real-time data and instant notification of equipment health will give farm owners peace of mind while also protecting against damage from equipment damage.

Environmental Monitor

Check the temperature and air circulation in the barn to ensure the health of the animals. Also, monitor the temperature to help fight illness or infection. The system automatically notifies problems to the farm owner (via text message, voice mail, or email).

Crops and crops can die under incorrect temperature, humidity, and light scenarios. 

Environmental Monitor

Our wireless sensors help farmers monitor and maintain temperature, humidity, and light conditions. The system will automatically warn if the above conditions exceed the allowable target, helping the farm owner react on time and reducing damage caused by dead crops.

We provide feeding monitoring systems and automate the feeding process to help reduce the number of workers needed and ensure that feeding animals occurs on time.


Energy Monitor

Healthcare devices consume a lot of energy and operate 24/7, which creates a challenging problem in monitoring energy-using amounts for healthcare providers.

Energy management in healthcare facilities helps make decisions to reduce energy consumption, helping to reduce operating costs.

Refrigerator Management

Operating and maintaining a complex medical device storage environment can be a challenge. A device failure can affect the health and lives of thousands of people.

Our IoT sensors can even trigger alerts about unusual conditions for humans to identify directly.

Environmental Sensors

Maintaining air quality in a hospital is the most vital to maintain the health of patients and staff.

Assessing and monitoring air pressure and ventilation quality.

Construction Site

Monitoring Equipment and Machinery

Help construction companies manage and maintain equipment like tractors, skids, excavators, bulldozers, generators, etc.

Prevent Accidents

Our sensor solutions help monitor construction sites and use data to predict patterns and prevent problems instead of focusing solely on corrective actions when something goes wrong. This preventive approach saves time and money, making the site more efficient.

Supervision of Concrete Maintenance

Monitoring the concrete temperature in some vital factors is very important to ensure the long-term durability and stability of the concrete structure:

  • The temperature must not be outside the allowable limit.
  • Pine calves do not cool more than 2.8°C/h during the first 24 hours.
  • Core temperature at each stage to determine the necessary monitoring and control options.
  • A consistent temperature during curing.

Ensure Safety and Manage the Working Environment

Environmental monitoring helps construction and infrastructure projects stay within permissible noise, dust, and vibration limits, ensuring compliance with environmental protection regulations, permits, and other regulations.

Monitoring and managing environmental conditions also helps protect against future problems. Therefore, construction owners always need information about the impact on the working and construction environment to make plans to ensure environmental safety/labor safety requirements.