• Control the heat and humidity in the house and factories
  • Monitoring the air and water environment. 
  • Smart traffic camera system for monitoring and reacting to events in real-time.
  • Security solutions such as monitoring fire, and unusual events and supporting security forces to react in real-time.
  • Smart home, Smart city.
  • Smart agriculture, 4.0 technology application in the care and harvesting of agricultural products.
  • Waste treatments by natural and safe methods.

Products and Service 

Smart-environmental Monitor 

  • Consultancy of deploying, installing, and building an online monitoring system for the water environment: measuring water level, salinity, pH, DO, and other water quality parameters.
  • Consultancy of deploying, installing, and building an online monitoring system for the air environment: measuring wind speed, wind direction, noise level, dust level, CO, CO2, HC, and other air quality parameters.
  • Consultancy of deploying hand-held instrumentation system for measuring water and air environmental indicators.
  • Consultancy of deploying industrial waste treatment.
  • Consultancy of building information processing system, warning environmental problems by app/website systems providing information for users.

Centre for monitoring water and air environment:

  • Smart Farm system applies 4.0 technology to agricultural management. The system includes environmental monitoring sensors and updating environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2… These parameters will be transferred to the data processing system.
  • The processed data will be transmitted into the automatic agricultural management system, implementing DNNA technology, helping to monitor, analyze and process in real-time. In addition, information about farm status, data, and processing commands are always displayed to the users via smartphones/ tablets. 
  • Smartfarm also integrates the use of drones into farm operations. A drone equipped with Hyperspectral technology to observe the farm in real-time. Hyperspectral imaging technology allows the controlling and tracking of the nutrients supplied on the farm. Combined with NVDI technology to control all information about yield, structure, and properties of the soil, the climate changes..., to control the disease situations and the level of crop growth.

Smart transportation management

  • Consultancy, installation, and construction center of smart traffic signal control.
  • Consultancy, installation of CCTV system, and intelligent surveillance.
  • Construct the Artificial Intelligence system, manage and respond to scenarios in real-time.
  • Support traffic control.

Smart CCTV management

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Smart farm solution

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