With the start of 2023, Samsung has launched the next generation of Galaxy S series phones with the name Samsung Galaxy S23 Series. However, this new product line received mixed reviews and was considered by many as a lack of breakthroughs, creativity, or "loss of quality".

Briefly talking about the S23 Series, this year's Samsung lineup includes 3 main products: S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra. With S23 and S23 Plus, the only difference in design is that the back with the cam cluster no longer protrudes like the S22 generation. As for the S23 Ultra, the design is almost completely kept from the S22 Ultra with the only difference being that the beveled edge is slightly flatter. Many people regret that the company behind groundbreaking folding phones like Samsung can produce such uninnovative phones.
In a video review of his S23 Series, Austin Evans shared that he would rather buy a 1-year-old S22 than buy an S23 because the improvements on the product are really too little.

Needless to say, the design of the S22 series is really too good and doesn't need much change. Samsung itself is also a manufacturer that has a foothold in the market, instead of making breakthrough phones in terms of design, now they only focus on producing phones with good quality and reliability. High. Although there are not many design changes, the S23 product line has been upgraded with more powerful internal hardware along with a 200MP main camera and many other valuable upgrades.

What do you think about Samsung's new product line, will you choose S23 or wait for more breakthrough improvements on S24?

Image: Iu Virtual Club

Contributor: HCMIU - IuVirtualClub
Update: 07/02/2023