• Software & Web Development

    We provide high-quality website design with full functions, user-friendliness and simple administrative manipulation. Elegant and professional appearance of the website will help institutions improve brand image, broaden opportunity to find prospective customers and promote business operation. Read more
  • Mobile Game & Apps

    Our experienced app developers have skills, expertise in smartphone application development, and hold great understanding iOS/Android.
  • IT Testing Services

    Our testers analyze given software to see how it works, extract information from them to make sure the software satisfy customers’ requirements and we could do reverse engineer to see if the software can be hacked or not.
  • Finance Engineering & Risk Management

    Combine of finance and IT skills, our finance engineers are helping finance institutions to develop finance software, providing high frequency trading strategies and mathematical finance models.
  • EduNet Venture

    EduNet Venture helps entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into reality. EduNet has co-founded many startups (EduNetICT, diemcao.vn, Aura JSC; and companies in sectors such as logistics, EduTech, foods and beverages company and human resource). Read more
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