Finance Engineering

Our staffs specialized in analyzing data in financial market by using fianacial models, mathematics, and computer programing. They also expand their knowledge in other fields, for instance, Web development, Reverse Engineering

They can work in an intensive and challenging environment. They are willing to learn and develop more.

Our recent project:

  • Analyzed the software that the customers gave us then we extracted some functions that they wanted from that software. It looks like cracking the software...

What we will do next:

  • Analyze a given simulation game to gain insights of the game (how it works, or how their functions are related to each other,…).
  • Writing pseudocode for programmers and help them to build the game

They have:

  • Strong background in Mathematics, especially in Probability, Statistics, Stochastic Processes, Econometrics, Optimization.
  • Intermediate Programming skills in C/C++, C#, Python, Matlab, R, SQL.
  • Basic knowledge of Finance such as Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Financial Markets, Derivatives.
  • Great command of English.

Services include:

  • Reverse engineering: analyzing and exploiting software to see how it functions and then we extract some information to satisfy customers’ requirements.
  • High Frequency Trading strategies (such as Triangular Arbitrage, Event Arbitrage, News-based trading,...)
  • Mathematical Finance models in Finance.
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Our Team

Do Viet Ho Tam Thuc

Finance & risk management leader

Dang Gia Huy

Financial engineer

Huynh Phuong Khanh

Financial engineer

Dao Duy Hiep

Financial engineer

Pham Nhu Quynh

Financial engineer

Le Quynh Nhu

Financial engineer

Nguyen Ngoc Son An

Financial engineer

Nguyen The Huy

Financial engineer